Order for Baumer 10150008 — 07.04.2021

Order for Baumer 10150008 — 07.04.2021

Baumer 10150008 — Shipped 07.04.2021
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Specifications - Order for Baumer 10150008 — 07.04.2021

FAMAGA company managers have successfully taken the order and shipped the order for Baumer 10150008 from 07.04.2021 to Ireland. After sending request, the customer received best quotation and door-to-door delivery from FAMAGA company. Interested in the same product? Send us a request and our managers will help you choose and purchase the items you need of Baumer. To request prices and delivery times, please fill out the feedback form or send a description of the items you need to the email address sales@famaga.com

About the manufacturer

Baumer Group is one of the global leaders producing sensors, measuring devices and components for automated processing of machine vision. Currently this family-run enterprise employs more than 2000 people in 19 countries worldwide.

Over the course of its history, Baumer Group has been intensively involved into innovation activities. Engineers, technologists and designers work closely together every day continuously improving the Baumer’s products and solutions. Main focus has always been on reduction of the dimensions, increase of accuracy and reliability of the products, reduction of response time.

Developers and engineers in Baumer working worldwide closely cooperate with leading universities and research centers to maintain the well-deserved technological leadership of Baumer in the future and ensure that the know-hows are protected by the relevant patents.

Baumer always strives to develop such solutions that will be the best for the clients taking into account their conditions, even if the set task is of immense complexity from the engineering point of view. It is exactly solving complex issues that allows Baumer to move to a new level of quality and reliability and remain a leader of innovative solutions anticipating the industry needs and widening the assortment of its goods.

Basic range of Baumer products includes such equipment categories as distance measuring sensors, encoders, motion and presence sensors, counters of various types. These products may be applied in the very different industries and areas, including manufacturing and packaging equipment in food and chemical industries, loading cranes and other hoist machinery, semiconductors and robotics, medical and laboratory equipment, windmills, elevators and cargo carriers, and many others. 

For more than 60 years different products made by Baumer Group have been used all over the world both in small sector-specific machinery and by large manufacturing companies and global corporations.

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Voll verschweisster Drucksensor PBMN-24B10RA11403201010



IFRM 08P17A3/S35L

Copy counters

FLDM 170G1011/S42

IWRM 18U9501

Sensor CFDK 25G1125/KS35LN3


Retro-reflective sensors FPDK 20P5101/S35A


Inductive proximity switch IFRM 04P15A1/S35L


ITD 40 A 4 Y36 1024 T NI H2SK12 M 15 Drehgeber 1024 Impulse/Umdrehung A-, B-, N- Spur + Invertierung TTL UB= 5 VDC ±5% LD-Endstufe Anschlusskabel: 0,50 m, radial H2SG12 am Kabel konfektioniert Bohrung Ø15 mm einseitig offen mit Nut stirnseitig 3×5 mm Schutzart: IP65 Befestigungssatz 052 Temperaturbereich -20...+70 °C


IFFM 20P17A3/S35L

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